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How to Start a Fashion Brand

How to Start a Fashion Brand in 10 Steps: Step-by-Step Guide

Fabric Knitting
Knitting is the first stage of garment production our circular knitting machines loop the yarn around each other to produce a seamless tube of fabric once finished, this tube is ready to be fabric dyed and cut to match your pattern.The look, feel and weight of your garment depends on the type of yarn and stitch used.
Fabric Dyeing
Dyeing is the process used to add color to your garments and bring them to life. Through dying we can match virtually any color and replicate it to the desired hue. There are two main types of dyeing offered through Apparel Branders to suit your needs: Piece Dyeing and Garment Dyeing.Piece dyed fabrics boast richer.
Pattern, Grading & markers
Here at Apparel Branders, we have years of experience in many areas of custom private label apparel. We work one on one with your designer to create patterns and marker that are production friendly. In addition, our pattern makers specialize in fabric utilization for markers and layouts.
Cutting and Sewing Services in Los Angeles
Highly dedicated trained cutters which are assigned to each individual project will be in contact with your representative throughout the process. Our experienced pattern makers can create your first pattern from a sample garment, picture or rough sketch.
Garment Dyeing and finishing
Garment dyeing process takes place in our Los Angeles Factory, the finished garments are sent to a dye plant to be placed in a dye bath and processed in any variety of colors to match the customer's request. Garments are normally constructed from PFD (prepared for dye)